Discover Great Artists


Kandinsky Abstract Art using watercolor and crayon resist

Seurat Pointillism

Picasso Portraits*

Monet’s Japanese Bridge using mixed media*

Cezanne Still Life using oil pastel*

Georgia O’Keefe Watercolor Flowers*

Children from grades pre K-12 are invited to learn about some of the great art masters while creating their own masterpieces using techniques inspired by the artists such as Seurat, Picasso, Monet, and Kandinsky. Children will be given the opportunity to express their ideas about what they see in the master’s works. They will develop confidence to articulate opinions as they analyze, interpret and create great artworks. Choose one, two, three or all of the workshops below:

Mondrian Painting

*Student artwork

Watercolor Sailboat Landscape

Louise Nevelson

Wood Sculptures*

Picasso’s Bouquet of Flowers*

Great Spring workshop

Jackson Pollack Painting

Cubist Collage