Passport through the Arts


Children will receive their very own passport as they embark on a new adventure to different places around the world where the will create a piece of artwork.  Places visited include: Japan, Mexico, North America, Africa,  Italy, Panama, and Australia. Passport to the Arts workshops can be adapted for all ages.  Choose one, two, three or all places to visit.

Mexican Bark Painting*

Children will take a new adventure to Mexico where they will look at and create their own Mexican Bark Painting.

Japanese Printmaking*

Japanese Scroll*

Native American Shields*

*Student artwork

Mexican Huichol Yarn Painting

Children will learn how to make their own yarn paintings inspired by the Huichol Indians of Mexico.

Workshops also available are:

Japanese Carp Windsock

Japanese Fans

Hawaiian Luau Lei Flower Necklace

African Drums

African Paper Necklaces

Henna Hands*

Native American Totem Poles*

Aboriginal Boomerangs

Beautiful Molas

Children will learn the stories about Molas, a kind of art that Cuna Indians make in Panama, while creating their own colorful layered designs .

Mask Making

Children of all ages will have fun decorating and designing their own wearable African or Mardi Gra Masks.

Native American Sand Painting

The Navajo Native Americans created sand paintings as a way of chasing away evil spirits. Students of all ages will enjoy creating  their own sand paintings using sandpaper and crayons.

Gyotaku Fish Prints

Children will gain an understanding of how Gyotaku, the art of fish printing reflects a part of Japanese history while making their own fish prints.

Mexican Suns*

Brighten your day while creating Mexican inspired suns made out of model magic and colored brightly with marker.